About the Artist

sharon 1I am a native of Western Pennsylvania, but I lived for 30 years in Maryland while having a career in nursing. I attended art classes part time at Montgomery Community College . I also participated in workshops and was instructed by local professional artists including Barbara Nuss. As a learning experience, I copied old master paintings once a week for a year at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D. C. Since 2006, I have been teaching oil painting classes to senior citizens in Hershey, PA.

My primary interests are still life, landscape, and miniature paintings. I describe my style as a painterly representational method. I am continuously inspired by the beauty of God’s creation in landscapes and everyday objects such as fruits and vegetables.

I paint mostly in oil and set up objects  for still life in my studio. The key to my work is composition, the effects of light (value), color, shadow, reflection, texture, and imperfection. I connect to the past by using my grandmother’s mementos and other objects from the past.

Some of my work consists of miniature paintings which I send to exhibitions in the United States, and some foreign countries.  The images are 1/6 of the size of the object or smaller. Usually, the total size of the image is no larger than 15 square inches.

sharon 2 _Fotor_20130507I enjoy the challenge of painting plein air landscapes. The changing light and weather conditions add an extra element of excitement to the experience. My favorite season for painting landscapes is winter with the subtle varieties of grays, violets, mauves and ochers. The countryside surrounding the small town where I grew up is one of my favorite places to paint. It is a connection with the past just as the mementos I depict in my still life paintings.

In my paintings, I hope to present the viewer with a two dimensional illusion that offers visual pleasure with no hidden messages. My goal is for the viewer to take a closer look and linger for a while.